What is Seint?

This post is all about the question- What is Seint?

What is Seint


What is Seint?

Seint is a cosmetics company created by Cara Brook. Read more about her HERE. She wanted to create an affordable makeup that was quick and easy to apply, even if you have no makeup experience!  She wanted to change the idea that we put one flat color over our entire face, and then add layers of color over that.

Seint 3D Foundation is a sheer makeup that is applied in strategic spots in ONE layer- much like a paint by number! Since your face isn’t one dimensional, your makeup shouldn’t be either!


How do I buy Seint Makeup?

Seint is sold through Artists (affiliates). This means that you will have a friend in this! I will make sure you get the right colors, and walk you through the ordering process. I even offer my new customers a free FaceTime or Zoom call when your makeup arrives, so I can walk you through your first application!


So what do I do first?

Before you order Seint Makeup, take my 2 minute color match quiz HERE. Even better, send me a selfie and I’ll tell you your exact color match! Just send a no makeup, natural light selfie to [email protected] and I’ll tell you your perfect Seint colors…

Take the QUIZ HERE!


Is Seint Makeup Auto-Shipped?

No! Never. Thank heavens. No autoship here!!


What makes Seint Makeup Unique?

Seint is made to be affordable, easy, and FAST. I’m talking 5 minutes fast. All of the makeup for your whole face fits in one refillable compact, and each color is purchased separately. When you run out of one thing, you just replace that one tin. No more purchasing whole palettes for just one or two colors. Each tin is magnetic, so your makeup just pops in the compact and stays put until you replace it!

seint compact


What do I need to get started with Seint Makeup?

4 Tins of Color– 1 Highlight, 1 Contour, 1 Cheek/Lip, and 1 Illuminator- Each one of these colors is applied in strategic spots, so that you end up with one layer of makeup, instead of three or four. The makeup is blendable, buildable, and totally goof-proof! Check out the colors HERE.

1 Gorgeous Compact– Every tin you purchase gives you a credit towards a beautiful, magnetic, refillable palette!!

1  Brush– The IIID Brush helps you apply your Seint makeup quickly! It has two sides- one for Highlight, one for Contour. You can even use this same brush for your Cheek Color. For more coverage, try the Buff Brush.  Seint brushes are high quality, and guaranteed for one year.

1 Perfector Sponge- This Perfector Sponge is the softest, squishiest, longest lasting perfector sponge out there. It is the perfect final step to blend everything together and give you a flawless finish. It’s so much more affordable than the ones you might have used in the past, and it doesn’t suck up your makeup like the cheaper versions from the drugstore.


The Easier Way…

To get everything you need in a curated bundle, you can purchase one of the COLLECTIONS. Even better, the collections are a discount versus buying each item separately. Check out Collection 4, 8, or 12 to see everything they include!

Shop No. 4 Collection

Shop No. 8 Collection

Shop No. 12 Collection



How long does Seint Makeup last?

Since you only need a tiny amount of Seint IIID Foundation to get excellent coverage, your tin of Highlight will last about 3 months. Your Contour and Cheek/Lip will last about 6 months (unless you love your Cheek/Lip color so much that you apply it obsessively, like me)! Your Illuminator will last 9 months or longer with average use.

This post was all about the question- What is Seint? If you have any other questions, email me at [email protected]


Seint makeup

What is Seint?What is Seint?What is Seint?What is Seint?What is Seint?

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