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My life has been changed by becoming a Maskcara Artist, and I know yours can be too! Are you wondering how to become a Maskcara Artist? Do you have questions about how to become a Maskcara Artist? Are you ready to join our party?? Maskcara Team

I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, and I’ve been so blessed to be able to do that. My first priority is my family, and homeschooling my three kids. But when I retired after 10 years as a professional photographer, I felt that something was missing. I needed motivation…friends…and to get myself out of my sweats and messy bun every so often! Maskcara is allowing me to have those things, plus contribute to my family’s finances in ways I could not have imagined. But the beauty of this business is that it is MINE. I can succeed in the way that feels comfortable to me! My amazing business mentors taught me how to be successful in person, online, and a combination of both- without doing something that makes me feel icky! I have never pressured friends and family, and I work with people who come to me about the business! That approach felt right to me, and I can teach you how to do that as well!



Maskcara Artist information, how to become a Maskcara Artist

So, WHY MASKCARA? The founder of Maskcara, Cara Brook, created this makeup after gaining serious popularity as a beauty blogger. She wanted to give women that “lit-from-within-glow” without layers of makeup. Most importantly, she knew that our typical foundation was making us all look unnatural and flat, since our faces are not two dimensional and are made up of more than one color. This IIID Foundation was incredibly popular- and Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and Free People wanted it. But Cara knew that the individual nature of this product was best represented by women who USE it and LOVE it. So the Artist Plan was born.


Maskcara Artist Information, how to become a Maskcara Artist


Maskcara Artist Information, becoming a maskcara artist

This makeup is unlike anything you have ever tried– and as soon as women try it, they see the difference. The packaging is gorgeous and modern, and the compacts are all refillable. The quality is high end, but the price is so reasonable. Because of this, there’s no need to become a distributor just to be able to afford the product. High end at Target prices? Yes please!


All Maskcara Artists receive at least 20% commission on their sales. You can earn more than that if you have a downline or sell more, but no matter what, you earn AT LEAST 20% on your sales. Not all artists are interested in leading a team, and that’s ok! Your 20% is yours. The best part- there is no monthly minimum or sales quota required to earn your 20% commission.


Can I get an Amen? As an artist, you decide between two Artist kits to purchase upon enrollment. And that. is. it. Customers order directly from your personalized website, and their purchases are shipped directly from the company, so there is no need to keep any inventory! With three kids and four dogs in my house, the last thing I want is to be responsible for thousands of dollars of inventory!


Maskcara Corporate handles all of the shipping directly from their warehouse. That means not only do Artists not keep inventory, but we do not have to package or ship anything! Maskcara customer service handles returns, exchanges, etc. On top of that, the support is excellent for Artists. The Founder, Cara Brook, is active and present on our private Artist Group- she asks for our opinions, and we are heard!


When you sign your artist agreement, you you are given your own personalized replicated website. This makes it easy to send customers right to your site to order. Every Artist has their own website, and all Artists pay a monthly fee of $11.95 to cover this cost.  You also have access to your Maskcara app, where you receive video training, get answers, and receive real-time updates!


As of the time of this writing, Maskcara has had Artists for a little more than a year, and there are only around 6000 of us! When you join my team, you are getting an opportunity to grow your business in an unsaturated environment.  Compared to Younique with 700,000 distributers, Mary Kay with 4,000,000, and LipSense with 170,000, the opportunity for growth is huge. This company is only going up girls- will you be with me?


One of the smartest things about this company is their customer loyalty policy. Once someone orders from your personal website, they are paired with you forever. When they reorder, the sale automatically goes to you, even if they forgot your name! Passive Income at it’s best!! This is such a gift to the Artists, because we don’t have to chase customers around trying to catch their next sale before someone else does. Talk about promoting friendship and support (not competition) among Artists!


My favorite part! You can work this business how YOU want. Love Facebook? Hate Instagram? Do what works for you. My rock star upline leaders have never pressured me to do something that makes me uncomfortable and I will give you the same courtesy. And the thing that sealed the deal for me? I get NO kickback, bonus, or cash for signing up an Artist on my team. I ONLY benefit when she is successful and making money herself! So my motivation is to be a support and encouragement to my team. This ensures that Artists are not being recruited or pressured into signing an agreement, and then promptly forgotten. THAT is SO unique for a direct sales company, and a testament to this company.


Are you ready to join my sisterhood of gorgeous Maskcara Artists? I’ll be with you every step of the way!

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